Advent wreaths to prepare for Christmas!

With care, attention to detail and a lot of heart, the parents of the school make beautiful Advent wreaths for the Christmas market on Saturday, November 19, 10am to 6pm,

They are very successful! Every year all the wreaths are sold! 

All proceeds go to the school.

Would you like to help us create Advent Wreaths?

You are welcome! The Wreath Making Workshop is open to all!

The workshop is located in the basement of the school. Go down the second outside staircase (on the right of the main entrance of the school after the canteen staircase) : on the Narly road side 

Below is the schedule:


Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 : 10am > 3pm

Monday 7 : 8am > 10:30am

Tuesday 8 : 8am > 12pm - 5pm > 8pm

Wednesday 9 : 8am-12pm

Thursday 10 : 8am-12pm

Friday 11 : 8am > 12pm - 3pm > 6pm

Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 : 10am > 3pm 

Monday 14 : 8am > 10:30am 

Tuesday 15 : 8am > 12pm - 5pm > 8pm

Wednesday 16th : 8am > 12pm

Thursday 17 : 8am > 10:30am

We are looking forward to it!


076 560 93 72

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