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Books, stationery, wooden toys...


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"To read is to travel;
to travel is to read."
Victor Hugo

The Kaleido bookstore offers a wide selection of books (pedagogy, health, biodynamic agriculture, arts, anthroposophy, economy...), stationery, wooden toys and handicrafts.

Students from the 7th grade onwards and upon presentation of their student card receive a 10% discount on the purchase of school materials and books.

Opening hours:

Monday: 8h15-9h
Tuesday: 8h15-9h | 11h30-13h | 15h-16h
Wednesday: 8h15-9h | 11h30-13h
Thursday: 8h15-9h | 11h30-13h | 15h-16h |
Friday: 8h15-9h

Contact: kaleido@ersge.ch

Tel : 022 727 04 45

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lekaleido

Our new products

Balls, scarves, rings, Chinese plates and diabolos...

The kaleido

Bookstore & Shop

Contact the kaleido
The kaleido

Bookstore & Shop

Books, stationery, wooden toys...

Rudolf Steiner School Geneva

Chemin de Narly 2
CH-1232 Confignon
Tel: +41 (0)22 727 04 44

The secretariat is open:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8am to 3:45pm
Wednesday 8am to 1pm


Come easily to the school

15 minutes from the center of Geneva
300 m from the Bernex exit of the A1 freeway (Geneva bypass)
1 min from the tram/bus stop : Croisée Confignon

Easy access from Switzerland and neighbouring France


Line 14
Stop : Croisée Confignon


Bus 42, 47, K, L and S
Stop : Croisée Confignon


The school has a drop-off point

School parking
7:30am to 9am - 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Other parking lots
Chemin de Chaumont (7 min walk - 4h parking time), Chemin de Carabot (3 min walk - 1h), Chemin de Cressy (5 min walk - 1h)
Long-term parking
P+R Bernex (5 min walk): Paying from Monday to Friday 7am-5pm - Free on weekends, evenings & nights (5pm-7am) and public holidays



Parking lots are available for motorcycles and bicycles


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