Geneva Primary School


from 6 to 12 years old


member AGEP & FSEP

certified Confidentia Quality


6 to 12 years old

Learning, thinking, imagining... there is nothing more beautiful than offering our children "roots and wings".

History, geography, mathematics, foreign languages (English and German), artistic activities, manual workshops, internships, school outings... The Rudolf Steiner Primary School develops a "transversal" pedagogical approach. It aims to sharpen the intellect, encourage initiative and stimulate creativity in children.

Accompanied by the same main teacher for 6 years, the subjects are taught in accordance with the natural rhythm of the child. For example, academic subjects are taught in the morning, creative ones in the afternoon.

In order to promote concentration, memorization and attention, the main subjects are taught in periods (2 hours for 3 to 4 weeks). In accordance with the polarity awake/sleep,this process isin line with the natural functioning of the brain: to concentrate, to rest, to memorize, to absorb, to better understand, to master.

The respect of rhythms, cycles and time is essential for the development of the child. This is why it is central to the primary school and to all our curricula.

Through its pedagogy, its multicultural approach and its openness to the world, the Rudolf Steiner Primary School is an invitation to knowledge, sociability and eco-citizenship.

Academic course

Writing, reading, arithmetic, French, natural sciences, history, geography...

Language courses

English, German and Spanish

Artistic activity

Music, dance, circus, theater...

Qualified teaching team

Our teams are qualified and regularly trained

Gardens & green spaces

Wooden games
& natural materials

Ping pong tables


Sorting and recycling in the school. Raising children's awareness of sustainable development.

Solar panels

Vegetable garden


Outdoor activities

Organic canteen

Creative workshops



Basketball court


A real performance hall with 370 seats within the school: stage, dressing room, lighting...


Parents are involved in all aspects of the school's life, including pedagogy and operations.



Billiard table


Initiation and discovery of beekeeping

Use of cell phone prohibited

The school

Founded in 1980

United States, China, Australia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Egypt... With approximately 1200 schools in the world, Steiner-Waldorf schools welcome more than 250,000 students around the globe.

Founded in 1980, the Rudolf Steiner School of Geneva has 350 students and 80 employees (60 teachers, 20 administrative and technical staff). From these first steps to high school, the school welcomes your children from 0 to 19 years old.

Green spaces, gardens, vegetable gardens, natural materials, view of the Salève, play areas, science room, organic canteen... The school offers a natural setting, quality infrastructures and an exceptional environment.

Associated with UNESCO and certified Confidentia Quality, the school is in line with the pillars of the UN Child and Youth Policy: "Every child in the world has the right to grow up healthy and safe, to develop his or her potential, to be listened to and taken seriously." Convention on the Rights of the Child - UN

Thinking, studying, playing, researching, imagining, creating, dreaming ... Steiner-Waldorf pedagogy develops a global and specific approach because it considers that "each child is unique". Its objective is to develop intellectual, artistic, social and manual faculties.

"Learning with the head, the heart and the hands": In the manner of Johann Pestalozzi's famous maxim, the school aims at stimulating intelligence, strengthening confidence, fostering creativity, meeting challenges, and reinventing the world of tomorrow.


In the heart of a natural setting, with green spaces and natural materials, the Rudolf Steiner school offers your children spaces and activities in the great outdoors (outings in the forest, gardening, games...).



The school welcomes you in a wooded, natural and warm space.
Ceiling, floor, decoration, games, toys... wood is the main material of the school. As part of an eco-sustainable dynamic, you will also find materials from nature and recycled materials.


Organic canteen

With fresh, organic and local products, the school canteen offers quality meals and balanced menus.

By discovering and participating in the school gardens, the children have a unique experience. They are involved in the process: planting, growing, harvesting, cooking and baking.



Founded in 1980, the Rudolf Steiner School is a UNESCO Associated School. It is a member of the Geneva Association of Private Schools (AGEP), the Swiss Federation of Private Schools (FSEP) and has been certified Confidentia Quality since 2006. In 2009, the Nature & Economy Foundation awarded it a quality label for its natural facilities.

In 2021, the second floor of the school was nominated for the Lignum Prize. The Lignum Award recognizes quality, originality and innovation in the use of wood in construction and interior design.


member of the AGEP

Swiss Federation of Private Schools FSEP

Nominated for the Lignum Award

Quality label for natural facilities

Certified Confidentia Quality


Within the framework of a global approach to the child, the Steiner-Waldorf pedagogy aims to develop intellectual, social, creative and manual faculties.

"Pedagogy must be an art and not only a science" Rudolf Steiner


Because creative activities promote learning, sociability, memory, concentration, imagination, skill and well-being, the school offers numerous manual, artistic and recreational workshops as part of the curriculum.


In order to encourage development, living together and a "joyful sociability", the school organizes events throughout the year: Christmas market, school outings, spring festival, shows, carnival...



Discover the video presentation of the Rudolf Steiner School.



2 to 6 years old

Up to 2P

What could be more beautiful than to see a child marvelling and awakening to life. With sparkling eyes, they discover, step by step, the world. Through games, discoveries, workshops... and a pedagogy centered on imitation, the children are led to develop mobility, motor skills, language, cognitive faculties and sociability.


6 to 12 years old

3P to 8P

There is nothing more beautiful than to offer our children "roots and wings".

Accompanied by the same main teacher for 6 years, the subjects are taught in accordance with the natural rhythm of the child's development.

Secondary 1

12 to 15 years old

In the manner of Johann Pestalozzi's famous maxim: " Learn with your head, your heart and your hands ", the school accompanies the students in their pre-adolescence. Classes, outings, artistic activities... The pedagogical approach is global, human and open to the world.

Secondary 2

15 to 19 years old

To make the eyes of the young shine, to transmit quality knowledge, to develop their creativity, to create spaces favourable to their blooming such are the objectives of the school. It aims to develop intellectual, artistic, social and manual faculties.

First steps

0 to 3 years

In a warm and soft cocoon, we welcome children aged 0 to 3 years old accompanied by their parents, grandparents or nannies to share playful, creative and... joyful activities!

First Steps is an opportunity for parents to discover the school and to share beautiful moments

Reception garden

3 to 6 years old

Every afternoon (except Wednesdays), we welcome your little ones to the reception garden. 

Free play, nursery rhymes, finger plays, bread making, snacks, rounds, outdoor games... A whole world of gentleness to develop fine motor skills, sensoriality, sociability, self-confidence and well-being.


Circus, support classes, artistic activities... Our school, which aims to be "the school that makes students love school", opens its doors widely outside of school hours.

The school, its partners, teachers, parents and caregivers offer many extracurricular activities.

Adult activity

The older children will also find many activities in the school: music practice, eurythmy, art therapy training, creative workshops...

Discover all our activities for adults under the sign of sharing, exchange and good humor!



Rudolf Steiner School of Geneva
Chemin de Narly 2
CH-1232 Confignon
Tel: +41 (0)22 727 04 44

The secretariat is open:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8am to 3:45pm
Wednesday 8am to 1pm


Come easily to the school

15 minutes from the center of Geneva
300 m from the Bernex exit of the A1 freeway (Geneva bypass)
1 min from the tram/bus stop : Croisée Confignon

Easy access from Switzerland and neighbouring France


Line 14
Stop : Croisée Confignon


Bus 42, 47, K, L and S
Stop : Croisée Confignon


The school has a drop-off point

School parking
7:30am to 9am - 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Other parking lots
Chemin de Chaumont (7 min walk - 4h parking time), Chemin de Carabot (3 min walk - 1h), Chemin de Cressy (5 min walk - 1h)
Long-term parking with charge: P+R Bernex (8 min walk)



Parking lots are available for motorcycles and bicycles


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