Transform a van into a mobile home and café!

As part of her "masterpiece", the school's end-of-study project, Soline Magnin wants to transform a van into a mobile home and café. This project will enable her to develop a wide range of practical and theoretical skills. It's also an invitation to travel, to meet new people, to enjoy adventure and... the pleasure of a shared coffee!

" My name is Soline Magnin and I'm currently in class 11. 11th grade means masterpiece!

For my masterpiece, I decided to convert a van into a mobile home and café . This project encompasses several themes that fascinate, intrigue and thrill me: Travel, mobility, the café, social interaction, autonomy, independence and minimalist living.


The aim is to create a living space combined with a foodtruck-style café in a van that is simple and pleasant to live in.

Being part of a mobile café creates human contact, a social link and a meeting place in remote villages. I combine this with accommodation and a vehicle simply to be able to travel and explore, but also to be more autonomous: to have everything with me all the time: a place to live, a place to meet and a place to work.

This is how the Cappuccauto project was born: a desire for autonomy, human contact and simplicity.

From project to realization

The project is currently in the construction and planning phase. To start with, I acquired a van (Renault Master II), then spent long hours making 3D modeling plans on SketchUp.

I also spent several days cleaning the van body from top to bottom: removing rust, vacuuming, washing with soap and acetone, and then cleaning with a brush.

finish with a coat of rust inhibitor.

I've drawn up a budget and the total cost is estimated at 10,000 CHF (including vehicle). To raise the necessary funds, I took part in the "À nous de jouer" competition, which supports me; I also offer services such as baby-sitting (currently 2 evenings a week) and tutoring. I'm well aware of the size of this project, and that on my own it would be impossible for me to complete it in the time I need.

That's why I'm asking you, the school community, for your support and help.

I'm looking for every conceivable gift: material, financial, knowledge, know-how, energy and good thoughts.

It is with this impetus that I address you, asking for your help and leaving part of the destiny of my project in your hands. If these few words have seduced, intrigued, questioned or fascinated you, first of all, I thank you. If you'd like to find out more, please take a look at my kitty where the project presentation is more developed.

Don't hesitate to contact me at : if you have any questions or tips to share.

Many thanks!

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