BFMTV VIDEO: " It's Silicon Valley's favorite school. All the big shots at Google, Apple and Facebook put their children in this school".


In Silicon Valley, I wanted to tell you about a rather special school called the Waldorf-Steiner School of Peninsula.

It's the school of choice for all Silicon Valley executives. All the big shots at Google, Apple and Facebook send their children to this school.

Blackboard, chalk, pen, paper... The school favors creativity and limits the use of smartphones and digital technology.

Between Google's Mountain View headquarters and Apple's Cupertino headquarters, the Waldorf-Steiner School of Peninsula is located in California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Three quarters of the school's students are sons and daughters of tech executives.

They are the children of those who know best the workings and all the secrets of this ultra-connected world they are designing. And they're also the ones who know best all the potential dangers. It's no coincidence, even if it may seem a little paradoxical, that they keep their children - their own children - as far away from these technologies as possible.

Typically, it's what I say, but not what I do. For example, Steve Jobs' children were not allowed to play with an iPad. It was common knowledge when Steve Jobs was asked, at the time of the first Ipad's release: "So, your kids, what do they think of the Ipad?" He replied: "But wait, they've never touched it! At home, we limit children's access to technology as much as possible."

And when you read Steve Jops' biography. We know that in the Jobs household, there was no TV, no electronic devices, just books and history discussed around the family table.

Bill Gates also said the same thing: these children had very late access to smartphones, much, much later than their classmates.

And then there's Tim Cook, Apple's current boss, who explains that it's inconceivable for his grand-nephew to go on social networks! Even if, on the other hand, Apple is trying hard to sell its tablets in schools. It's part of their strategy.

So, yes, there's a bit of a side to it. Do as I say, not as I do.

Video BFMTV - Culture Geek, September 3, 2018, presented by Anthony Morel

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