Understanding World Issues, Linking Practice and Theory - Secondary 2

In a constantly changing society, it is essential that young people, citizens of today and tomorrow, have the keys to understanding the world.

This is why history, geography, geopolitics and political science are central to the curriculum of Secondary 2 students.

These subjects are taught in a practical as well as a theoretical manner. For example, this course given by Professor Olivier Di Marino on the question: "Can we think of a just war?

Being a jury and a candidate at the same time

Following up on their course on international relations, the students took the stage in two teams. They took turns playing the role of candidates and jury.

It was an opportunity for them to put themselves in the shoes of each of their roles, to feel, experience and understand what it is like "on the other side" of the mirror, especially as a jury.

Argue, counter-argue

Careful presentation, diction, preparing arguments, devising counter-arguments, drafting questions, demonstrating eloquence... These are the many benefits of this practice.

These exercises help prepare students for exams but also for all forms of public speaking, both in life and at work (job interviews, meetings, presentations, etc.).

Listen, express yourself and work in a team

In Steiner-Waldorf education, theory and practice are linked. They are the basis for the quality of learning.

This is why drama, oral expression and stage games have an important place in secondary 2. They help develop social intelligence, living together, teamwork and eloquence.

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